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    Before building any new home or commercial building, the site needs to be developed on sturdy, leveled terrain. It is a good practice to visit the site with a skilled excavating contractor for a ground leveling consultation and other quality excavation.
    We proudly offer both residential excavation and commercial excavation so whether you are preparing to build a home or an apartment building, we are here to help you start your next project off on the right foot.
    In addition to our quality excavation services, we offer raw material delivery. Whether you are a contractor in need of supplies or simply purchasing in bulk, we will happily provide prompt and professional service.
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Our Services

Raw materials for construction
Raw Material Delivery

Raw material delivery is perfect for those who have a construction project but may have difficulty transporting materials or simply want bulk delivery. We are more than happy to bring your materials directly to you and your project.

Asphalt Excavating

Asphalt excavation is useful for new construction, plumbing or electrical line repair, and landscaping. However, it can be time consuming and even dangerous without the right equipment. At Affordable Choice Construction, we can safely and efficiently provide bobcat work and asphalt excavation.

Residential Excavation

Residential excavation involves site preparation, grading, and more to ensure that the ground is ready for the foundation of a home. Let us provide you with professional excavation for your next project.

General excavation contractor
Commercial Excavation

Commercial excavation is often on a much larger scale than residential excavation. Our team is well prepared and can perform everything from rock excavating to asphalt excavating to ensure your building site is ready for you.

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